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Hair salon for pets Charli


Why Charli?

Our whole life drew the many critters, fish, hamsters, kitten, and dogs, but when it came to our little home, yorkshier terrier Charlie realized we really have little meaning, but a true friend to us worth anywhere Charlie.  That from and our short stories comes to the name, which is our family contributed to the true meaning of love and giving attention.

  • Bathing - in fine shampoos and conditioners certainly only professional cosmetics,
  • Haircut - pro - tools, there are no such words uncontrollable or unruly hair haircut there for every dog... Not to mention the intricacies of hair for all there is a solution. All your desires will be feasible in the rest assured!
  • Pedicure - proud of your dog out of our little paradise will reveal that each and pedicure in the gentle breeze was great, a smile snout will reveal gleaming teeth with which we and stones removed because our pets deserve the best! ! ! Now your dog can home tail held up high, anal glands were purified and that is all that our dog should be!