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Dog training

Dog training

Why training?

Most people today there is not enough information as essential training their pet. Growing dogs is very demanding, they need to be entertained, learn new things and spend their energy. With today pace of life lpeople often do not have time, and for this reason dogs often end up in shelters or worse on the street. Remember that a dog does not have a single bad trait of man, and yet similar to us and have a handful of virtues.

Learning is a broad term which includes socialization dog (we learn it socially acceptable behavior to fit in the environment), and learning of taking steps hat are essential for a particular sport or living in peace and love to your best and most loyal friend.

Cost of training depends on what the owner wants, on the breed, pet, and the age. Before the dressage trainer gets acquainted with a dog followed by assessment of the level of socialization before starting work with the dog.

Preparing for training review depends on the breed and the dog.

Request for work swith the dogs, socialization, training, preparing dogs for various activities free to send us our contact address.

Examples dressage*:

 - Socialization by degrees and obedience

 - the bite with no start-up and control

 - Rehabilitation dogs (available licenses for working with dangerous

 Specialized dressage:

- training for police and military use

- mining, tragopolaganje, marking

* mandatory food for 2 - 3 months

Daily dressage are possible in Zagreb while certain specialized dressage let our professional team where your pet stayed 2 - 3 months depending on the program of training.