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Group walks and socialization

Group walks and socialization

Group walks and socialization

Group operate on the same principle as an individual walk dogs with GPS technology, but it is essential for dogs as it is in this way further socialized with other dogs. Building relationships, establishing manners prevents the problem behavior, develops communication skills in a pack with people and with dogs, increased mutual understanding, because the company is all the more beautiful and easier.

Walk in the life of dogs presents a daily exercise regime of mind and body to the dog to remain healthy.

The first health problem is due to reduced physical activity in dogs, and mental problems stem from the lack of society and communication, touch and play with other dogs.

How does the service function?

The taxi comes to your address, picks up the dog (the owner is not required to run), and along with other dogs brings it to the appointed place where walkers take dogs and begin the walk for 2h accompanied GPS entourage.

Your dog is taken care of for more than 2 hours. Dog gets full attention, companionship and the feature walk, interacts with nature in a pleasant environment where other dogs achieves mental training and socialization.

Price for group walks and socialization is : 2 hour - 200 kn