did you know that pets are proven to reduce stress?

Dog walking+GPS

Dog walking+GPS

Daily walks provide your pet with positive attention and thus he loves you because of that. If you put a dog in a cage, he himself will not practice this (unless the other dog is with him). The greater the chance that it will be left to bark out of boredom, trying to escape from the settlement in further research.

As its owner, your job is to provide plenty to do. If your pet spends 10 hours a day I do not expect it to be a worthy member of the family when you return home in the evening.

Dogs work best in how they have structured life and daily walk that will meet this need and the mental state of a pet. The dog is an animal tracker-walker guided by instinct. A pack of dogs when he wakes up in the morning went for a walk.Large yard or putting the dog in the dog park is not a substitute for a good walk and not be satisfied with this instinct.

Walk your dog on a daily basis is very important to your success in comparison with pets. There are two major advantages of walking on a daily basis; training the body and mind training. By training the dog helps in the prevention of many behavioral problems at home. When the dog is bored and has the energy to spend, there will fly into problems without much hassle. A dog that was walking spent his physical energy to walk and energy to the conflict had disappeared. Taking in mind the dog during walks to help the owner in many ways. For a walk on a leash relaxed needs a lot of time and effort, but the exercises involved are listening, connecting the most important commands and attention to the owner of the dogs during walks. This walk helps remove disobedience to the command tasks and the absence of attention and in other aspects of life of your pet.

Certain problems that occur in dogs that are not walking enough are: hyperactivity, neurosis and sometimes obsessive-compulsive behavior, which clearly indicates the mental instability of a dog.
Unstable dog is not happy dog!

If a long time away from the apartment, the thrill of seeing a pet does NOT mean happiness, these are signs of a lack of training and impoverished commands that are in most cases accidents for the dog and lead to instability of the mind.

Finally, each dog must be carried out for a walk, even the smallest . Length of walks will, of course, vary based on the size and the amount of energy a dog, but frequent walking is required!

How it works?

For the dog come to your house / apartment, carried him for a walk in his neighborhood that he knew that after the end of walking the dog back in the house.


On your e-mail you will receive a link (link) to a file created specifically for your pet. The specified file will contain the images pet interact with nature regardless of the season, and image movement routes walkers and dog that is made in real time via GPS technology and applications are installed on our smartphones.

Slika 1: Example reports daily walks


When handing over the keys of the apartment / house clients are required to sign:

-  agreement walks that mutually protects client and dog walking


- halb an hour - 40 HRK,

- an hour - 60 HRK.